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Главной особенностью библиотеки Qt является технология сигналов и слотов ( Signals and slots). Не могу вам сказать что она чем-то значительно лучше других подходов, но мне эта штука нравится :). В чем же суть. Qt Signals and Slots, Connecting and Disconnecting Slots, slots everywhere... by Ramon Talavera. Qt connects widgets by means of a nice designed scheme based on the idea that objectS mayThis is a screenshot of the example code running. The main application creates dialogs A and B and then connects the signal from A to the signal slot in B. Qt Thread Signal Slot Problem - codesd.com Qt Signal / Slots sends a complete structure. I am attempting to send a structure via signals/slots between two threads, my signals/slots are connected properly and I have been able to send QStrings containing parts of my data but now I need to send the whole thing and Structures seem most sensi.

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I have some custom signals in my main thread that I would like to emit in my other threads but I'm not sure how to connect them. Could someone post an example? ... pyqt4 emiting signals in threads to slots in main thread. ... Browse other questions tagged python multithreading qt signals-slots or ask your own question. asked. 7 years, 2 months ... c++ - Qt Signals and slot thread safety - Stack Overflow The only way when slot will be launched concurrently is if you specified Qt::DirectConnection AND emitting signal in thread different from slot's thread. If you omit connection type, it would be Qt::AutoConnection. In this case if you emit a signal from one thread, and catching it in another one (e.g. in main GUI thread) - Qt will put a slot's ... Threads and QObjects | Qt 4.8

A Qt::DirectConnection is the connection with the most minimal overhead you can get with Signals & Slots. You can visualize it that way: If you call the Signal theThe Qt::QueuedConnection will ensure that the Slot is called in the thread of the corresponding QObject. It uses the fact, that every thread in...

Qt 4.2: Thread Support in Qt | Signals and Slots Across … Qt provides thread support in the form of platform-independent threading classes, a thread-safe way of posting events, and signal-slot connections across threads. This makes it easy to develop portable multithreaded Qt applications and take advantage of multiprocessor machines.

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QThreads general usage - Qt Wiki The main thing in this example to keep in mind when using a QThread is that it's not a thread. It's a wrapper around a thread object. This wrapper provides the signals, slots and methods to easily use the thread object within a Qt project. To use it, prepare a QObject subclass with all your desired functionality in it. Communicating with the Main Thread | C++ GUI ... - InformIT The Image Pro application shows how Qt's signals and slots mechanism makes it easy to communicate with the main thread from a secondary thread. Implementing the secondary thread is trickier, because we must protect our member variables using a mutex, and we must put the thread to sleep and wake it up appropriately using a wait condition.